On  11-01-2011 a New Zealand Recruitment Firm writes;
I have just purchased the Fill Staff 2011 for Recruiters  software based on the ACT! product.  As a long time user of ACT! I have found  the transition very easy – the layouts are very straight forward to use and I  believe even if you haven’t used ACT! previously it will make such a difference  to your recruitment business.  The training and support that I have had to date  has been exceptional and very professional.  I would recommend anyone thinking  of purchasing or updating their software should look at Fill Staff 2011.
 – it’s  fantastic.
Shirley C.     Credo    New Zealand          

On 03-29-2012 a Chicago IL Recruitment Firm writes;
I purchased Fill Staff 2011 a few weeks ago.  After a somewhat rocky start (mostly due to my system configuration and integration with Outlook), I am now relying exclusively on this product to manage my business.  I have found the staff at Fill Staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, and AVAILABLE.  
During the installation and training period, all of my calls were promptly returned and every concern addressed.  
Bill went over and above to make sure that everything worked, whether it was a Fill Staff issue or not.  He listened to how I liked to do business and then helped me develop procedures and solutions to accommodate.
I have worked with several applicant tracking packages and feel that Fill Staff is a versitle, affordable and powerful choice for recruiters.
The more I use Fill Staff ATS for Recruiters, the more I like it.
Additionally, when Bill discovered that I didn't have a website, he offered to build one for me.  He did a great job at a great price and I just love it.
Martha D.    
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 3:55 PM
“As a contingent and retained search firm owner I have used 4 different recruiting software programs.  Three of those programs were difficult to learn and were neither user friendly nor intuitive.  The fourth program, Fill Staff ATS is a recruiter oriented variation of ACT so it is easy to learn, very user friendly, quite intuitive, fully capable of storing essential recruiting data and of supporting efficient recruiting activity.  That in itself would be sufficient justification for selecting Fill Staff ATS but along with the program you get great product support and training.  Fill Staff’s author, Bill Williams, made significant adjustments and additions to the basic version of Fill Staff to accommodate our data needs and process.  He also recommended (installed and trained us on) worthwhile ACT Add-On programs to enhance the performance of ACT and to achieve the premium level of resume parsing we wanted from the source we preferred (rather than “forcing” us to settle for the bare-bones version of parsing software other software suppliers build into their products).  Fill Staff support even extended to seeking out and installing fixes to the few glitches embedded in ACT 2013 when it was first released. Before we committed to Fill Staff, Bill promised to do what was necessary to make us satisfied with the software.  He more than delivered on that promise!  Our only regret is that this wasn’t our first ATS software system instead of our fourth.”
Steve, Colorado  USA           

Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 4:20 PM
Subject: Testimonial
From a Technology Staffing Firm: We purchased Fill Staff ATS 2013 in January 2013 and it is amazing. We are now using Fill Staff ATS with recommended resume parser, Resume Grabber Suite.  Fill Staff ATS product is everything Bill said it was and more.  
The installation and configuration was done for us remotely including the migrating of our existing data into Fill Staff ATS.
A few additional fields were also added to our Fill Staff ATS product.  
There were some Sage ACT!2013 challenges related to Windows 8, but quickly identify and resolved.
Bill was professional and available as needed for Training and Support.  
Bill also built our website, designed in a way that makes it easy for us to manage and upload our current job postings to our site.  
Bottom line;
Fill Staff ATS is amazing, with easy access to Professional Support & Training and I am very pleased with our new website.  Thank you for all your efforts Bill.  
Sincerely, IL..      

A 15 User Recruitment Firm Writes:
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 9:17 AM
To: Subject: RE: Testimonial
Bill, It is my pleasure to give you the following review:
It was an absolute pleasure working with Bill from Fill Staff.  He was available to answer all our questions regarding his product before, during and following the installation,  including the importing of our old data into our new database..  We had a lot of customization needs and Bill was more than happy to work with us very closely and fulfill our requests.  He is very knowledgeable about ACT and his product, and helped us immensely with this  transition for our company. I would highly recommend Bill and his Fill Staff product.
Tara D.  in PA..             

Testimonial From: ACT! Community Forum Poster on 06-18-2013
From: Mike Z. ( Mortgage/Finance Professional ) in sunny California.
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:04 PM
To: Bill at Fill Staff
Subject: RE: Message from Mike Z.
It was a pleasure to work with you. You are the real deal.  It is a rarity in this day when someone will just help someone else without expecting something for it. 
I really appreciate your help and the time you spent.
Best of luck to you !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike in CA.   

Testimonial    From:  ACT! Community Forum Poster 08-02-2014
Strail -                  
Copper Contributor   Posts: 10     Country: United Kingdom
Re: Auto Create Opportunity  08-02-201402:15 PM
Hi Bill,
Thanks for the workarounds. I like the way you have approached this with the solutions for me and I think I'm going to try them both to see which fits best for me. Thanks again for thinking out of the box to get a solution for the problem Bill.

Testimonial    From:  ACT! Fanatics Forum on LinkedIn  05-13-2014
Jim W
Sales Representative at JTS Animal Bedding   Thank you Bill, this was a fine intro to using opportunities.
Jim    2 hours ago  

Sales and Development Manager at 4UCRM   Great suggestions Bill and I am surprised just how many people do not review either the help files or the tours  -  21 minutes ago.
Paul B

Testimonial   From ACT!v16 / Fill Staff 16 ATS For Recruiters Customer on 09-04-2014 09:15am 
I highly recommend the Fill Staff ATS For Recruiters  ACT! software add-on.  I have been using this software package for about 3 months.   In that short amount of time, I have become more organized and able to retrieve information more quickly.  This translates into closing deals faster. 
Right now, I am working with six clients and looking at 10 openings.  Being a 1-man show, the FillStaff software enhances my database search for candidates with specific queries, allows response with professional, organized information, and brings clients and candidates together in a very short time.
The learning curve was steep at first, but Bill was patient.  He knows his stuff.  Although I am still learning, my success is greatly enhanced.
Bill also offered to Partner with me for doing 50/50 Split Business.
We already have one Job Seeker Offer Letter extended as of 09-04-2014..
Now as of 10-30-2014, we have closed multiple 50/50 Split deals with more in the pipe line.
Thanks Bill.