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Bill Williams / Fill Staff HR / Recruiter    -  Letter of Recommendation on 02-07-2016     -  From the desk of Paul - CANDIDATE ID: 5540�
We just placed Mr. 5540 as a Six Sigma Lean Warehouse Manager for Larger Corporation in SC.
After over four years with the same company, and through no fault of my own, I suddenly found myself in the job market again at the beginning of 2016. My first reaction was shock and disbelief, and my second reaction was to be as proactive as possible by updating my resume and reaching out to networking contacts as quickly as possible.
I also diligently hit the job boards every-day for the first three weeks after being separated from my company with the hope that someone, somewhere in the ether of the internet would respond to one of the hundreds of resumes I sent and jobs I had applied for, in confidence, based on the knowledge that I knew I was a viable candidate for each of the positions for which I was applying.
I received a phone call directly from Bill Williams, President of Fill Staff HR, regarding one of the positions for which I had applied. During that initial conversation, we walked through my resume, skills and work experience, and Bill assured me that he would assist in contacting the hiring company and present me as a candidate, based on the fact finding during our in-depth discussion.
With Bill�s help, I was interactively instructed to follow precise steps, which eventually led first to a phone interview with the hiring company�s Talent Acquisition Specialist, a subsequent phone interview with the Hiring Manager (a V.P. with company), and finally a face-to-face interview with the Program Manager at the site location.
�Although the interviews and their ultimate results were all my own, Bill opened up the door for me to be able to speak with the right people at the right time who could make decisions for the hiring company.
At the end of the day, the good news is that I was offered the position.
Throughout the entire process, Bill was both hands-on and interactive, facilitating communication and providing updates to me directly regarding the status of the application process. His direct involvement, interaction, and communication was nothing less than exceptional, in addition to being heartfelt, which is something I have not experienced before in working with a recruiter or a recruiting company.

I highly recommend Bill Williams and his company, Fill Staff HR, as a partner for both Job Seekers and companies that are seeking apt candidates.

Paul 5540