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  FREE On-Demand Internet Web-TV Is Here!                          "NO MORE PAY TV" 

Surfing Video Channels with a Web Browser on the internet is easy and offers much more channel surfing freedom and maximum access to more video, audio and text content than the other alternatives such as ROKU & WD-TV Live. Those are great products if someone is not Computer savvy or do not wish to use a computer for watching TV or attaching a pc to their tv via HDMI cable.

But For Maximum Video Web Surfing Freedom On Your TV  -  You can easily connect your PC to your TV with a HDMI cable and use your TV as a Monitor.
Then Use This Website To Explore The Best Of The Free World.

Our mission is to be the Best FREE Media Web Portal that’s easy to navigate, Entertaining, Family Friendly and Educational. Educational institutions compliment us on a regular basis. This site easily takes the viewer directly to the desired channel content with zero tracking cookies from this site.. 
ACT-1 is a FREE Media Portal Launch Pad bringing the Internet, TV and Cinema together.
Watch High Quality, Family Friendly Content from your PC,  I-Phone/Pad or TV.
The Very Best of Free, Public Domain Media, presented in a special way that is Entertaining and Educational.  Movies,  TV,  Music and much more..    -   This High Quality, Content Rich site  is for everyone.  ACT-1 is an amazing web surfing adventure that leads to many wonderful places.
ONLY ACT-1  Delivers This Many FREE Media Resources From One Location.
We've collected all the best Media Web Links and put them on our site for your convenience. Finding New Material is also an ongoing process. 
We target safe, family friendly sites, but we can not garantee that all of our link sites remain hazard free, so always surf the web safely with your shields up and please report any related problems to us at 
A Special Thanks to all the contributors that helped make this site possible.      Library of Congress Public Domain Media   Ntl Film Preservation Board    Public Domain Database

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